Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Warm Up With A Beach Scene

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here it is pretty cold. Well, cold for Alabama. I think it's supposed to be 52 today with a windchill factor, so it will feel like it's in the 40's. Brrrrr! But I thought some summery beach scenes could help to , at least, warm our hearts.
These pictures are from our summer vacation that we took with my parents to Panama City Beach, FL. Boy was it hot! It was nice to see the beach again and smell the ocean. It was gorgeous! The kids, especially, had a blast playing around in the ocean, building and burying in the sand and swimming in the pool. It was a fun trip! Are you warm yet?????

Granddad buried them in the sand.

Trent and Laci spent a lot of time in the hotel pool to cool off. Here they are clownin' around!

Dressed and ready for the beach!

1 comment:

Sprgtime said...

LOVE the pictures! :)

And no, I'm not warm yet. You'd better keep them coming, lol. We've had 3 days of snow already and it hasn't gotten above 30 in I think a week.
40 sounds mighty warm to me. ;)

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