Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Gifts 2011

After being on vacation at the beach for a week, I'm trying to get back to "real" life and get some blogging in. So, I thought I would share what the kids gave their dad yesterday for Father's Day.
We picked out some hot n' spicy snack mix, imported pineapple soda and habenero hot sauce. All from World Market. I found these retro labels at Martha and adhered them to the containers to make them super cute for Daddy-O! He really liked what the kids picked out and he thought the labels were cute, too! Laci also made a pretty homemade card with some pretty artwork that all the kids signed. Oh, almost forgot! He also got some Dad subway art that I framed so he could put up in his office. I found it in blog land, but don't remember where.
Lastly, from me, he got money to contribute toward his Kindle fund, which is exactly what he wanted, and one of his favorite desserts, homemade banana pudding. Come back tomorrow for the recipe.
I'm so thankful to have such a great daddy myself and a great daddy for our kids. He is the Daddy-O, World's Greatest Dad, and No. 1 Dad! We love you!

Dad Subway Art

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