Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make Your Cupcakes Sparkle

Want to make a Fourth of July treat that sparkles? Try some simple cupcakes using a great tip I found in Woman's Day magazine. They will definitely stand out.

Start with your favorite cupcake (I did large and mini) that has been frosted. Next pour some jimmies, sprinkles or decorating sugar into shallow bowls. I opted for patriotic since the Fourth is coming up.

Next, dip the edge of the cupcake in your sprinkles, etc. rolling the edge to coat.

This is one with blue jimmies that turned out super cute. I thought these would work great for any occasion, but a little girl's princess party came to mind. They would be adorable rolled in purple and pink decorating sugar. Those would really sparkle. Give this little tip a try next time you bake cupcakes to give them that bakery touch.

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