Thursday, September 10, 2009

I kept the party decorations simple & sweet with these giant "pieces of candy." (At least that's what I was going for.) I got these small paper lanterns from Michael's
( for $1 each) and wrapped them in cellophane to look like big pieces of hard candy.

This candy/dessert buffet was on the small side, but still had dramatic effect. I think the candy is decoration in itself because of all the bright colors. As you can see, I just filled different size vases with a variety of colorful candy, tied on some polka dot ribbon and there you have it. Did I mention the kids especially loved this?!!

For our treats, we had mini strawberry cheesecakes and mini brownie treats. YUM! You can get the mini cheesecake recipe here.

Just what did the birthday girl think of all these sweets and treats?!!! I think this picture says it all. With a sucker in one hand, a Twizzler in the other and a half eaten cupcake in her plate, she's livin' it up at her party and I didn't mind one bit. It was all about her and her b'day! I'll share more of the party girl and party favors tomorrow!


Lesa said...

What a fun idea!! I love the candy decoration you made out of lanterns. Darling!!!

{ L } said...

What an adorable party!! You did an incredible job! Every detail is perfect.

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