Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweet Girl & Sweet Favors

Our little sweetie really enjoyed her b'day party. She had fun seeing and playing with her gifts, too. Nana and Grandad gave her this cute red wagon. It will be great for pulling her around in the neighborhood. Later that day, she just had to put on her new dress from Grandma and Grand dad Howell. (I'll have to get a pic of that. It's really cute on her.) This child loves to wear dresses. She would wear them everyday if she could. Good thing she got a few new ones for her b'day.

This one cracks me up. She would NOT let her brother or sister touch her money. She grabbed it and started trying to stuff it in her pocket. I guess she's saving for a new dress!

For party favors, I embellished little white tote bags from the Dollar Tree with ribbon and stamps. Super simple and cute. Everyone got to fill up their tote with candy and take it home with them. Simple and sweet!

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Jennie said...

What a cute party idea! I especially love the big candies made from the paper lanterns - so smart. I'll have to remember your "Sweet" party ideas for the girls' next birthday, they'd love it. Thanks for sharing!

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