Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candy Bar Game-- Sweet Fun!

Last night for Family Home Evening it was Trent's turn to pick an activity for us to do together and he chose the fun and fast paced candy bar game. This is a game that my husband used to play with his family. He introduced it to me a little while after we were married and I thought it was a lot of fun too! We can all play it together now that our kids are bigger and more coordinated(at least 2 of them are).

To play the candy bar game you need a large candy bar(we used a Symphony bar-Yum), hat, scarf,2 oven mitts, fork, knife and a die, which I didn't include in the picture. We played at the table so Ivy's(our 2 yr. old) little hands wouldn't get into the candy bar while we tried to play, but I think it works well to play on the floor and just put a towel or something under the candy bar to keep the floor clean. To play, the first person rolls the die once trying to get a 6. If you don't roll a 6 pass it to the next person and they roll. If you do get a 6, you then put on all the gear;hat, scarf, oven mitts and then you have to open the candy bar with the knife and fork and attempt to cut a piece of the candy bar and eat it. If you do, you win! Oh but wait. Play doesn't stop. The die is still being rolled while you are trying to do your thing and if someone rolls a 6 you have to take it all off and pass the gear to that person even if you didn't get a chance to cut that candy bar. Hope that makes sense. It's a really fun family game and you all get to eat a big ole candy bar! However, it is difficult to take pictures and play the game at the same time. I know!

We let Ivy participate even though she's a little young for this. She rolled/threw the dice and got a 6! William helped her suit up. I don't think she quite knew what was going on. She was looking like,"Why is my daddy putting all this stuff on me?" She sure did like the candy bar, though!

Our winner! William was the first one to actually get a piece of the candy bar cut and eaten.The kids didn't mind that at all. They knew they could eat the candy bar now. Oh..um... nice hat honey... and that pink and black scarf is all the rage!

Sweet victory!

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{ L } said...

Oh wow!! You just made me remember!! I did this YEARS ago at a birthday party at my cousin's house. It IS hard. Thanks for posting...I want to try this with my family.

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