Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pretty In Pink Diaper Shower

On Saturday, I hosted a diaper shower for a friend at my house. To get the word out, I made these invitations. My friend, Renee, also helped with the shower and found the cute poem online that I used for the invites. I kept them simple and sweet to go along with the diaper theme. I matted the the poem onto pink textured card stock and then stamped pretty in pink polka dots onto the white. A small pink felt diaper complete with tiny safety pin rounded out the invitation.

To make the felt diapers just cut out small triangles, fold in the corners(like a diaper) and pin. I think these turned out very cute, but were a bit time consuming.

The poem for the invite reads:
The changing table and diaper bag have something that they share,
When you reach inside of each-a diaper should be there!
Since Hanna and Michael are parents-to-be and will be doing a lot of "changes,"
Please join us as we shower them with diapers- in all the size ranges!

For the shower game we played Baby Memory. I love this little game. It's so cute! I actually think this game was played at my shower when I was pregnant with my son. That was 10 years ago....wow!

For this game, you are supposed to match different baby phrases and you get a prize if you get a match. The prize is a coordinating candy bar or candy. Be sure to explain that to your guests or they might not get this game. For example, if you match the phrases "Baby girl" your prize would be a Baby Ruth candy bar, "epidural" would be Lifesavers. I used 14 different phrases so I had 28 phrases all together on my board. I wrote them onto foam board and covered each up with a post it note with the numbers on them. Our guests thought this was fun and different. Come back tomorrow for some delicious recipes for the food we served.

You can get the list of phrases and candy I used for the game below!

baby girl- Baby Ruth
baby boy-Heath bar
pacifier-Ring Pop
midnight feeding- Milky Way Midnight
triplets-3 Musketeers
OBGYN-Mr. Goodbar
doctor bills-100 Grand
poopy diaper-Mounds
umbilical cord-Twizzlers
baby talk-Snickers

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