Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fourth Grade Honors and Kindergarten Fun

Not the best picture, but that is Trent with his AR trophy.

I have busy with school programs the past few days, but am back today. I thought I'd share a few pictures of the kids' with you. Tuesday, I went to Trent's school for the fourth grade honors program. Wow! Lots of awards were given out so it was a little long. Longer than I expected. Oh well. I guess that means a lot of those kids were doing a good job. Trent received an A-B Honor Roll medal. Yeah! He also received an Accelerated Reader World Traveler Award, which means he showed a great love of reading. Trent also received a 1st place trophy for being the 4th grader with the most accelerated reader points, 265 of them. Wow! He does love to read. Sometimes he would be reading 5 books at a time. I never got how he could keep 'em straight.We're so pleased with him. Way to go! He can't wait for 5th grade. He can finally be in the Lego club, which is only for 5th graders.

On Monday, I got to watch 5 of the kindergarten classes put on show for us. They sang some of their favorite songs from the school year. They sang great and were so cute. Laci was featured in one of the songs as the last"E" in kindergarten. She is the second from the end in the picture holding the "E." We are so pleased with Laci, too. She progressed and blossomed so much in kindergarten. As her mom, it was fun to watch her learn and love going to school. I attribute a lot of that to her wonderful teacher who was the perfect fit for Laci. We're going to miss her.

After the program, we went back to her room and visited with some of her little friends. This is Laci with one of her best friends, Jalah.

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