Monday, May 4, 2009

Off To The Zoo

Let me just start off by saying that I am happy to be blogging again after a little break for a trip to visit my sweet friend Tammy out in Utah. I had a fun and relaxing time with her and her family. They were great hosts. I so enjoyed spending time with her again. Thanks Tammy!
Later in the week, I'll share some of my fun finds from my trip and something new that I learned how to do. It's crafty! So stay tuned!

Last Wednesday, only back from my trip for a day, I geared up to go to the Montgomery Zoo with Laci's kindergarten class. I had 4 kids in my group and we had a blast. They were very into the animals and wanted to know all about them. This was Laci's last field trip and I'm glad I was able to spend that time with her and help out her sweet teacher, Mrs. Ellis.

Laci and Hannah stop to pose after enjoying the African region of the zoo with the elephants and giraffes. Those were the best according to the kids. My favorites were the monkeys(actually they have a more specific name, but I can't remember it). They were so active. They swung from ropes and a momma was holding her baby. That baby was hangin' on pretty good.

We stopped to see how tall these little guys were against the big elephant.

The train ride was, of course, a big hit with everyone! They loved screaming through the tunnel.


Sprgtime said...

Welcome back!

Tanielle said...

How fun!!! Love the zoo, especially with a class full of kids! I am a little partial to Utah, so hope you had a great visit!:-)

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