Monday, April 4, 2011

Bridal Shower Decor

Last week my sister and I hosted a bridal shower for a friend of ours. It almost became the "shower that got blown away." It was rainy, yucky and their were tornado warnings.The tornado siren actually went off in the middle of the shower,but what did we do? Ignored it and had us a shower.

For our decor we chose to go with a lime green and damask theme. We used lime green tablecloths and damask wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby as a runner. The food table was our main focal point. We would have liked to have hung lime green paper lanterns, but at our venue you could not hang anything from the ceiling. The centerpiece of the food table was the bride and groom's framed monogram that I gave some height by wrapping a box with white paper and tying a black ribbon around it. Two antique vases with carnations accented the table too.

For the framed monogram, I used my Cricut to cut out their initials and just applied them directly to the frame. The frame was matted with a piece of damask scrapbook paper and white card stock to make the monogram stand out.

I'm including our little labels for the dessert buffet as decor. I really like how they turned out. We just printed off all our menu items on white card stock, matted that with black card stock and then stamped this elegant design underneath. We used glue dots to adhere them to our serving pieces. More on that dessert buffet tomorrow! It was good stuff!

We used two small round side tables for accents that we covered with white sheets. Lime green tissue paper gave it a pop of green. We also set out some framed pictures of the bride and groom to be as well as their initial and more antique vases with carnations. Oh-I can't forget the framed saying my sister made which was kind of our theme-"Love is Sweet."

We tried to keep the cost down on the party favors by using these cute favor bags from the Dollar Tree. I've used these many times and they are great for embellishing. For these we added "A" stickers, which are actually envelope seals, from Hobby Lobby and accented them with lime green tissue paper. Since "love is sweet" we filled these with Hugs, Kisses and Lifesavers for the guests to take home. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including the bride to be.She got SO many nice things, too! It was a sweet success!

Come back tomorrow for the dessert buffet menu and some recipes!

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Family Features said...

I am sure that you have been told that you have such a great talent of creativity! Have you thought of doing this professionally? Maybe when your children are older??? You really make things look superbly awesome!

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