Friday, April 1, 2011

Delicious Bacon & Eggs............Or Is It?

Don't those bacon and eggs look tasty!? ...........GOTCHA!! They look like the real thing don't they!
I thought these faux bacon and eggs would make a cute April fool's prank for the kids. I asked Trent if he would like some bacon and eggs this morning with his cereal and he said sure. He was a little surprised when I brought him this on a plate. He just looked at me with a really big smile on his face and then said,"Very funny, mom!" Laci must have heard us talking about these scrumptious bacon and eggs while she was in the other room because she asked if she could have some, not knowing what I had given Trent. When she got her bacon and eggs she just laughed and said,"what is this." They all thought this version was tasty, but a bit sweet for bacon and eggs. They are also very simple to make. Just line up 3 pretzel sticks and melt a little white chocolate or vanilla almond bark. Put a small dollop of the white chocolate on the center of the pretzels. Put this into the fridge to get set somewhat and then top with a yellow M&M. You're bacon and eggs are ready!

I wish I could say this was my original idea, but I can't take credit for it. I found this recently while blog hopping over at Our Treasured Home. Thanks for the idea! We loved it!

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Family Features said...

What a delightful April fools joke! No matter where you got the idea, YOU did it for your children.

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