Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Cookies

Yesterday was Laci's Easter egg scavenger hunt at school. Her teacher asked if I would make cookies for the kids to eat after their hunt. You know I love to bake so my answer was yes! I thought this might be a good time to decorate some sugar cookie cut-outs with royal icing. The first time I have ever done this. I saved myself a little work and just used a sugar cookie mix and then cut them out with my egg shaped cutter. I used a meringue powder icing recipe I found here at the Joy of Baking site. She has a regular royal icing recipe using egg whites and the meringue powder one which, like the name says, uses meringue powder instead of raw egg whites. I divided up my icing, colored it and filled piping bags to outline and "flood" the cookies.I'm a little on the fence about the whole royal icing decorating. They turned out good, tasted good and the kids loved them, but they are time consuming. I think these types of cookies might just be "holiday" cookies for me. Maybe at Christmas, Halloween or a birthday. Overall they were a hit. I also made my regulars, Chocolate Chip with holiday M&M's. Can't go wrong with those.

These little bunnies enjoyed finding their eggs throughout the school. It was a fun alternative to a regular egg hunt.

I look forward to a great Easter weekend and while the eggs, bunnies and baskets are all fun, I remember my Savior and try to teach my little family that He is the reason we celebrate Easter. I'm thankful that He atoned for my sins and was ressurected. I know He lives and loves us. Happy Easter.

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