Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Family Home Evening Board

It's Monday, so that means it's Made By You Mondays time at Skip To My Lou. Today I want to share our family's FHE (Family Home Evening )board that I made. This would also be a great time to tell you that this week I'll be featuring different FHE ideas;lessons, activities and treats. So, stop by for a look.

Now on to the board. These might be old news for some, but I realized I had never featured this on my blog. If you're not familiar with Family Home Evening, it is a night that members of our church set aside each week, usually a Monday night, to spend time with their family. No ballgames, no practices, etc. Just spending time with the family. It usually consists of a little lesson, song, activity and some sort of refreshment or treat. My kids always look forward to Monday nights!

To make our board,which hangs in the kitchen and helps us keep up with which persons turn it is to do different things, I purchased vinyl with the title "Family Home Evening and sub-titles"conduct, song, prayer, lesson, activity and treat."I also got our names printed twice. You'll notice that mom is the only one with two jobs up there. Gotta change that! I bought an inexpensive board from Lowe's and cut it to fit the title. Luckily, I found the pegs and small wood tags our names are on in the clearance section for $1 a pack on the clearance isle at our Wal-Mart.I sanded, spray painted , drilled holes for the pegs, and then glued them in. I tied on some ivory grosgrain ribbon to hang the tags by and then attached two picture hangers to the back . Did I mention I did all of it without my husband's help! The whole board,including vinyl, pegs,paint,etc. cost about$25. I thought that was pretty good. We've had other FHE things in the past,wheels,posters,which worked fine, but I thought this would last us a long time and to top it off it's pretty! The kids look forward to moving the tags for next week's FHE! Stop by this week to see more ideas!

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