Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glass Etched Gift

Yesterday Laci and I were happy to give her teacher a gift of congratulations for her recent marriage. She had just come back to school after being gone on her honeymoon for a week. We hope our gift was a sweet surprise for her.

I ordered a glass etched bowl from my friend Debbie that has her own business making and selling different items and gifts.However, glass etching is not a hard thing to do on your own. (Although,when your busy with a hundred other things, you order it) Here is a YouTube video that explains how to glass etch using vinyl. I've given Laci's teacher a few things monogrammed with the letter "H", which was for her maiden name, so I thought she needed something with a "D" for her married name. The bowl could be used for many things, but I thought I would fill hers with a little dinner of pasta sauce and spaghetti for the new couple. An easy and elegant gift to say congratulations!

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