Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Home Evening- Lessons

I'm continuing the Family Home Evening theme today with lessons or should I say ideas on where to get your lessons. When your kids are all different ages(mine are 2,6 and 10) it can be tricky to find ones that actually get their attention. Can't say that I've found the secret to that, but I have learned that even when you think they are not listening they might just surprise you with what they got out of it. I know this has happened to me. In the pic above are some of the resources we get our FHE lessons from; The Family Home Evening Resource Book, The Friend magazine, scriptures and pre-made lessons. Of course their are lots more resources than that, ie. internet, lesson manuals,or those you already have in your head,and etc. We've used the FHE resource book for many, many lessons and the kids really like the stories and ideas in The Friend. My husband is great at scripture stories so a lot of the time when it's his turn for the lesson he will do a scripture story with pics or have the kids act it out. That gets them involved and into the lesson and they usually like that. When it is their turn for the lesson, we try to give them ideas if they don't already have one. I have to say the gospel art picture kit is a great way to help them give their lessons. Although, our Trent man, who is 10, comes up with his own thing sometimes. I vividly remember a lesson he gave about making good choices and relating it to Star Wars and the dark side. That was right up his alley since he is a Star Wars fanatic. I'm really glad he got the correlation between the two. Another thing we have used is felt scripture stories and our felt board. A little something different.FHE is also a great time to have lessons on fire safety, an emergency plan, good manners ,etc. Now, I don't want you to think we always have nice, planned out , perfect little lessons cause we do not. We do try to plan, but even the best plan sometimes fails. Ours are usually short to hold their attention because we know they are really looking forward to the activity.

The lesson pictured above is from a group I was once in and we made lessons for everyone in the group. In this particular group their were 5 of us so we made 5 lessons. One for ourselves and one for everyone else. We included a song, lesson or story, treat recipe, visual aids for the lesson and some included a scripture. I really enjoyed this and still pull out those lessons and use them. The one above is about self worth. It is really cute. It talks about how we are all different , but have characteristics that make us special. I loved her little shape people cut outs, too. Some things I would suggest about an FHE lesson group is just to make sure the lesson isn't too involved or too long, document where you got your lesson or information, and make sure you read over the lessons you receive to make sure everything is accurate. You don't want to teach your family something you may not agree with or something that is false. So that's an important one to me. I know for us, having FHE and lessons can be hectic , but I know we will blessed for doing it anyway. What are some of your favorite lessons?

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