Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Sand Buckets

This year instead of an Easter basket, we are giving our kids an Easter sand bucket. I know,right. We're mixing it up and living on the edge. Hahaha!! Since we will be going to the beach in June, I thought, "why not?". We just store away their baskets,which, don't get me wrong, are always fun for the kids, but Easter is the only time they get used. My kids don't really care what the Easter goodies are housed in. They are just excited to get something fun for them. That said, the buckets will get a lot of use at the beach in a couple months.

I found these buckets with shovel at Wal-Mart for $1 each. My kind of price. Then I personalized each one by painting the kids' names on them with white acrylic paint. I'm not counting on the paint to stay on the buckets once the kids start playing with them. If I had a Cricut, which I SO want,or some other cutting tool, I would have used vinyl for their names and they would stay on longer. Use what you have, right. I then filled the buckets with goodies and a few small toys. I try not to go overboard because I know they will have had about 3 egg hunts,with candy, plus an Easter basket from Nana and Granddad by the time they even get their buckets on Easter Sunday. I hope they will like this fun bucket and look forward to using it at the beach!

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