Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Project Down, More To Go

Yesterday my parents came down to visit for the day, so I took a break from the blog. Well, actually my break was doing some last minute cleaning up around the house. We had a great time with them yesterday. Thanks for coming down! I'm back today with Trent's new desk. My talented husband, William, made this for him. He drew out the plans, cut the wood, painted it and put together this desk, with some help from Trent.Their were some paint issues, but Will got those straightened out and moved Trent's desk in last week. It's awesome honey! Great job! Even more exciting, that's one project marked off of my long list. Woo! Hoo! Now Trent will have a quieter place to do homework. Although, I think he likes it more for playing with action figures and dabbling with his Erector set, which is fine too. Hmmm. I wonder what our next project will be?

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