Friday, October 3, 2008

Roll Tide! and ....uh.... What's in your purse?

Alabama plays Kentucky tomorrow, so I wanted to give a big Roll Tide! So does Ivy! (I'll get to see a little of the game, but tomorrow is General Conference for our church. I'll be watching that and am looking forward to it.) When we were at my mom's she wore her new Bama dress she got for her. It's super cute on her. It came from one of my favorite little shops in Montgomery, The Shoppes of My Kids Attic. They have jewelry, home decor, stationary, clothes, and just about anything monogrammed you could want. Check it out if you're going to be in Montgomery.

For the b'day party last week, we played "What's in your Purse?" It was so funny. This is definitely a great game for a bunch of ladies. Laci even had her Barbie purse so she could play as well. The funniest thing was my nanny who had her purse loaded down with all sorts of stuff. She had a straw, spoon, candy and even a pair of pliers. I guess she knew how this game was going to work. Our winner,Tracy, had a big purse and 14 of the 18 items I called out.
It's a very easy game to play. Make a list of items that may be found in a purse, but make some of them odd items for added fun. Then just call out the items and have everyone keep track of how many items they have. The one with the most is the winner. Some examples from my list:nail clippers, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, pic of child or grandchild. Have fun playing!


Sprgtime said...

Awwww... Ivy is the CUTEST Bama fan ever!!! :)

Missy said...

Thanks Jessie!

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