Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Have You Done To Our Child???

Yes. This is Ivy with a slightly different look than usual. Here she is sporting the slicked back greaser look. Now, I , of course, think she's gorgeous hair slicked or not, but I would have preferred --NO GEL IN THE HAIR! So, you may be asking yourself,"Who's the culprit?". Well, we were walking down the hall at church Sunday and my hairdresser and friend, Tonya was looking at Ivy and commenting on her hair while William was holding Ivy. Then she sarcastically said, "You could put some gel in it." It's true that I can't put bows or clips or, well, anything in her hair because she pulls it out and puts it in her mouth, but we just tuck it behind her ear and make do. William had joked with me all that evening saying he was going to put gel in her hair, but I didn't think he would. Then, who do I see coming out of the bathroom with big smiles on their faces but Will and Ivy. My words,"Oh no you did not!" Will's words, "Oh yes I did."She looked like she could have been a greaser from the movie The Outsiders. I have to say it was pretty funny and it did keep her hair out of her face, but we're not going to be adopting this new style anytime soon. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to see the look on MY face. After we had our laughs,Will did get to give her a bath and wash out all the icky stickiness. I think I'll hide the gel just in case.

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