Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yummy Mummies

Trent and I are making these "Yummy Mummies" for one of his classes at school. I thought it would work well since their course of study is Egypt. They're actually going to get to see the mummification process on one of their field trips this year. He's very excited! Anyway, I came up with this idea after seeing some little candy bars wrapped with gauze and thought, Hey, I can do that with tissue rolls. These little mummies are super simple. Just wrap gauze that has been cut into strips around the tissue roll and glue on googly eyes with glue dots. I also inked up the gauze a bit with brown ink to give them an aged look. What makes these mummies so yummy? They are stuffed with two fun size candies. I hope his class likes them.

Laci informed me that the mummies keep looking at her when she goes in my room where I have them stored.

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